Monday, December 8, 2008

visit to santa

This morning we made our annual visit to Santa. Big kids had a ball. Ethan's scream was heard all the way to the food court. But it'll be a memorable picture. After I removed Ethan, the kids had fun sharing their letters with Santa.


Courtney said...

The one with the screaming baby would make a great Christmas card! Hilarious!

Jen said...

I love the picture of Ethan!

Zora said...

Wow! Courtney pointed me to your blog today and I think your kids are just adorable. And one thing about Audrey...I am not sure if I've ever told you this. But there was this one day you were visiting Courtney, Audrey wanted to tell you something and she waited patiently off to the side...not screaming, not pulling your clothes...just sweetly waiting. I thought it was the MOST incredible example of parenting of respects and manners I'd ever seen. I've told that story so many times and always wanted you to know what an indelible impression her manners (and your parenting) had on me. Love the blog...I'll be a regular voyeur.