Tuesday, February 24, 2009

audrey is six!

Our little girl turned six today. Hard to believe. We had a wonderful family day to celebrate her! She started her day with the cereal of her choice (a once-a-year treat tradition). Patrick was able to get the day off so we surprised the kids with a trip to Jump Around Fun Zone. It's an indoor play area filled with inflatable toys. Huge slides and climbing areas. It was their first time there and they had a ball! (This was big for me - considering the germ factor! Straight to bath when we got home!) Then she and I made her favorite dessert - lemon meringue pie. Family game of Monopoly. Presents opened throughout the day. Fun dinner of her choice - chicken strips and french fries. Just a great day overall.

My question is - why is it that with each passing year I want to hold on just a little bit tighter??


Jen said...

Wow! Six years have flown by. Happy birthday Miss Audrey. Maybe we can get together for a playdate this week?

Courtney said...

We love you Audrey Marie! The sweetest little bit of sunshine in our family! Hugs and Kisses from Aunt Courtney, Uncle Carl, Jonah and Abram!!
PS. Did you have a rainbow in your room last night?