Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend highlights

What a fun, busy weekend we had! Started early Saturday when Patrick and Liam left for Wintergrass - a bluegrass festival down in Tacoma that Patrick and I used to enjoy each year (before kids!!). They met Grandma and Grandpa Oscarson there and enjoyed the day.

Audrey, Ethan and I had a great day at home. Audrey made a list of all the things she wanted to do. We played lots of Monopoly, made cupcakes to take to Sunday School for a little early birthday celebration, read more Anne of Green Gables, walked to Haggen and back (took 2 hours! Audrey did great!), and just enjoyed our time together. Sure love that daughter of mine!

Then on Sunday G'ma and G'pa came up in the afternoon. We had fun together. Liam was thrilled to play checkers with them both. Then we went to Red Robin (Audrey's pick!) for her birthday dinner.

Great, fun weekend. But I must say, I really like Mondays. Maybe it's my age - or just this season of my life. But Mondays are great. Back to routine. Back to homeschooling. Back to just enjoying my kids in the comfort of our home. Ethan's still sleeping. The big kids are at their desks beside me working on a project together. Monday. It's good.

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