Monday, February 16, 2009

kid updates

Audrey - Our little fairy princess loves to wash dishes! Anytime I'm doing them by hand she asks to help. And she wears a different dress-up outfit every day. Our favorite thing to do together right now is read chapter books. Either an American Girl or Anne of Green Gables. We share a love of good books so this is fun time for me too!

Liam - He has become an exceptional house cleaner the last couple weeks. Loves to do chores and was thrilled when I asked him to vacuum this weekend. Last week he got down from the lunch table first and informed Audrey and I that we could just sit back and relax - he was going to clean the whole house himself! Ahhh - what a man!!

Ethan - He's a mover and shaker! Although he's not crawling yet, he gets around very well. He can scoot forward while sitting up. He can scoot backward and spin around while on his tummy. He made it to the toy rack the other day and was quite proud! I keep warning the big kids that full-fledged childproofing is just around the corner.


Jen said...

I love Anne of Green Gables and can't wait to share them with Amelia too!

Courtney said...

Miss those babies! Thanks for the updates Rach!

Tami said...

SOOOOO Cool to see your comment on my blog! I had no idea. I agree, sometime together would be great. (