Wednesday, February 25, 2009

why rush it?

Those of you who know me well know that my parenting style can pretty well be summed up with "why rush it?" My kids are the last ones to eat solid foods, move out of their cribs, switch to the big tub, eat sugar, watch Disney movies, etc., etc. In a way it's my own personal rebellion against our society. I think we push kids way too fast - to do way too much - way too soon. So I intentionally SLOW things down for my kids. But perhaps the fact that my 7 month old just switched to the big tub might be a bit much??!! This poor guy is not only afflicted with a mother who says "why rush it?" but one who also routinely moans, "but this is my last one..." - and wants to hold on to the baby-stage for as long as possible! Hopefully he won't suffer too badly for it!

Oh - and he loves the big bath, by the way.


Jen said...

you crack me up. He does look like he's enjoying the big tub but he also looks way older in the big tub. sorry.

Courtney said...

Oh that baby!! I CAN NOT wait to tickle those chubby little thighs, and squeeze those chubby little arms and kiss those chubby little cheeks!!