Sunday, February 8, 2009

trip to seattle

We had such a fun day yesterday. We headed down to Seattle in the morning. Our first stop was to a music store Patrick loves. The kids and I enjoyed a nice walk around Fremont. Then we went to the Deca Hotel and met my parents. Audrey opened some early birthday presents and the kids went across the street to grab a quick lunch w/ Nana and Papa. Then we met Jee Young, her parents, and Jonah and we all went and watched one of Luke's BB games. He is the coach of the freshmen team at Franklin High School. It was great fun to watch (even though they lost). Although, I must say, it's pretty strange watching my little brother coach. He argues w/ the ref's (something my mother hates) - in his half-smile, sarcastic way. And he's quite a yeller. It's just strange to see him do these things he rarely does in his "regular" life. But I know he enjoys it - and he has such a passion for these kids. I'm sure they know how much he cares.

Got home late (for us! 8:00pm!) last night and put kids right to bed. It was a fun family day.

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Courtney said...

That is so funny about Luke. I have yet to watch him in coaching mode...your description was great though...I could definatly picture him!
Glad you guys had fun!