Monday, January 5, 2009

checkers boy

Liam loves to play checkers! He would play all day long if he could. He's getting quite good. And when he can't get Dad, Mom or Audrey to play with him ONE MORE TIME...he plays by himself. Well, against Freddy - kind of a make believe friend. It's a character from Berenstain Bears. Liam doesn't talk to him or anything but if you ask who he's playing with, it's Freddy. Anyway...I figure it's good practice. Although I don't think Freddy has ever won.

Food update - Last night for dinner we all ate Chickpea Pasta w/ Almonds and Parmesan - a recipe from my Real Simple magazine. (I roasted almonds with Tamari sauce for the first time yesterday using Jee Young's recipe. YUM!) We also had sauteed green beans on the side. Audrey loved the pasta. Liam loved the beans. And Mama just made one meal. Woo-hoo. We're making progress!


Jen said...

I saw that recipe. I'll have to try it.

Courtney said...

Good job Rach! Glad the one meal thing is working out! I will await more updates on new things the kids try! Bye Bye PB&J...hello chickpea pasta! Your kids are great sports!
Next time we see you guys I'm sure Jonah would love to play checkers with Liam! What a smart little boy he is!