Sunday, January 11, 2009

six months old!

Ethan is six months old today - I cannot believe it! Where did the time go?? He is just SO much fun. Sitting up, rolling over and over to get around, smiling tons, saying new sounds, and as of today - eating solid foods! Rice cereal went great. We have a family tradition - on their six month birthday, daddy feeds them their first solid food (since I've gotten to do all the feeding up to this point!). Ethan loved it! Was reaching for the bowl and spoon immediately, and after the first couple bites, ate it right up. Very cute and the big kids had fun watching too.

WOW, 6 months. My baby is growing way too fast!


Courtney said...

Yeah, Rach..he sure looks like he needs it too! Poor thing is just about wasting and bones I tell ya!!
I love that he is so free with his smiles..I miss him!

Jen said...

He's the cutest Michelen Man I've ever seen. Glad he's a great eater! Jen