Friday, January 2, 2009

new year improvements

I gave up on New Years resolutions a long time ago. They never last past March anyway - what is the point? Yes, I want to exercise daily, improve my eating habits, read my Bible more often, set aside a daily prayer time and have a cleaner, more organized house. Oh, and I want to stop being so critical and worry less too. All great things to work toward, but I don't think one year is nearly enough time - why set myself up for failure? So I've decided to be more realistic and just make a few improvements for 2009. The first one is that I am no longer preparing separate dinners for my big kids. I know that all you smart mommies out there never fell into this trap. But in our house, if the kids decided they didn't like something (and it was usually green or orange or red in color), I'd try it a few more times and then give up. And since I've never been ok with them going to bed hungry I would make something different. Not anymore. This is dinner. Eat it or get down from the table. Breakfast is just 12 short hours away. Oh, and whining will put you on the fast track to your bedroom. Sound harsh?? Guess that's what being a short-order cook for several years will do to you!! I will also no longer be cutting the crust off the bread. Another big mistake. Don't these sound like nice, attainable goals?? For the last month I've been preparing the kids for these changes and they're pretty excited. But I bet my excitement will last longer!

So while I will continue to work on the first list (probably for the rest of my life), I'll be satisfied with 2009 if I can just stick to the more realistic improvements. Happy New Year!

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