Tuesday, January 6, 2009

happy birthday jonah!

Today is my nephew's 13th birthday! I cannot believe he's a teenager. I remember quite vividly the day he was born. There was a huge snow storm separating me from my sister in labor. I was getting regular updates from the hospital and figured I'd be ok with that. But at some point during the day I realized I just had to be there. So Patrick came home early from work in Mt. Vernon, drove up and got me and we drove over the pass. We got there in time and I had the pleasure of being at the hospital when Jonah entered this world. So glad we made the trip! Jonah has always called me "Tia" - a name I will forever cherish because it's just ours. He is an exceptional person. He's all boy - tough and more and more becoming a man every day. And yet he's wonderfully kind and patient with his little brother and all his cousins. He's insightful and inquisitive and a Dobbs family treasure.

Happy Birthday Jonah! We love you very much!


Courtney said...

Tears fall as I remember that day, Rachel...thank you for always loving my son...he is blessed to have you for his "Tia".

Jen said...

looks like Ehtan thinks he is as fabulous as you do!